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The company was founded - initially as a single firm - by the current managing director, Walter Nuszer, in Süßen. Our target was initially to develop fuel and oil additives for the motor vehicle sector as well as service products and lubricants for the industrial sector and to offer them to our customers. After only a short period of time, a complete lubricant and service series for the motor vehicle market was integrated in the range, so that a complete product range for trade, shops and for the end users as well was offered under the brand PROFI-CAR. As a result, is one of a few companies presenting themselves as complete assortment providers for the motor vehicle sector with high-quality products from one supplier on the market. In the year 1995, the new brand PROFI-BIKE was introduced in order to take into account the increasingly growing motorbike market. In this area as well, we offer our customers a complete range “all about motorbikes” now. Our brand PROFI-LUBE, developed specifically for industrial applications in 1996, complements our range of lubricants. Customers who are very demanding with regard to quality, like for example DAIMLER CHRYSLER, DEUTSCHE BAHN or BOSCH, have a high opinion of our products. In parallel with our brands, another strong branch for “private label customers” has developed. In an individual co-operation with our customers, we develop their own brands, the designing of labels, leaflets, etc., being included in our complete service. We also take over the decentralised dispatching and the invoicing for the customers’ orders. Today, PROFI-TECH GmbH exports on an international scale and is, as a flexible company, extremely successful on the market. On account of this expansion, we had to move into new facilities in the year 2002. Due to further economic growth, our head office is situated since January in Friedrichshafen.

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