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ENGINE OILS 6 - 2- and 4- stroke motorbikes

Specially designed for motorcycle, outboard, but also two-stroke engines of the generation, which in part found in stationary use, own motor oil was developed. 4-stroke engine oils are different in composition to conventional motor oils here for example Cars designed and fitted with special additives for use in motorcycles.

Through special Zuammensetzungen e.g. Special conditions such as special requirements of the engines in connection with clutch plates, the cooling or smokeless combustion explicitly considered.

2-stroke engines
A two-stroke engine is a piston-combustion engine that required for the Otto-cycle four-stroke engine, in contrast to only one upward and downward movement of the piston (stroke).
They are specified according to API TC and approvals (eg Jaso) offered. Next, these oils both for the operation of the engines with water cooling and air cooling are used.

4-stroke engines
in four-stroke engine is a combustion engine, which needed for the cycle four strokes. A stroke is when the reciprocating motion of the piston from standstill in a direction to re-arrest. The crankshaft therefore performs during a bar a half turn. From the thermodynamic method produces distinguished gasoline and diesel engines.

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