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GEAR OILS 1 - General information

As in the engine, resulting in large transmission friction, which would destroy in a short time. Motor vehicles are now equipped with a variety of different gears, which represents high demands on the lubricant. For example, switching, axle, automatic transmission or distribution.
It is important that the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer's minimum requirement. Note, however, that can not be mixed with each other all gear oils. This is because they are built very differently and thus suitable for various gear.
Basically, the following requirements are met:
Parts are to glide or roll each to be lubricated. The gearbox is cooled by heat transfer from inside the transmission housing or a separate oil cooler. It should protect the gear from corrosion, wear and deposits as well as before foaming. Today's gear oils must be aging, therefore, be suitable for long oil change intervals. They must also provide an accurate friction behavior of synchronizer rings for optimal switching. It is important that the forces the oil to the tooth flanks transfers.

Depending on the application is made between ATF gear oil, conventional gear oils (Voll-/Teilsynthetisch/Mineralisch) and hypoid gear oils.

Classifications of conventional or hypoid gear oils are made under "GL".
ATF gear oils are based primarily on Dexron shares.

For the use of gear oils necessarily the requirements of the automotive manufacturers are observed.

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